A few applications we use in our everyday life to improve our skills

I always say we have two ways to think about new technology and all-internet stuff. We can cry for the lost “real” world or imply use the possibilities. I choose the second option. And you?

In my phone I installed a few applications what I really don’t need but I think they are very useful and help me improve my skills in very easy way.

First, I learn foreign languages (at this moment – German and Norwegian) with an application. Every day I read five new words and try to keep it in mind. I also learn to build whole sentences. Once a week I make a test and check how many words I know. It takes about 15 minutes per day and I really see the effects. I still can’t freely converse in Norwegian but I understood short texts from Norwegian newspapers. And a half year ago: I had know nothing (almost like Jon Snow).

Another useful application is habit tracker. About a year ago I made a list of thing I should do and then I inserted it to application. Now I receive a reminder about drinking water regularly (once a hour), listening my favourite podcast (on Saturdays), using face mask (on Sundays) and preparing post for this blog (twice a week). I check in application performed tasks and once a week receive a summary. It is very helpful for very busy person, believe me.

I also use application with some podcasts about technology, education and just with curiosities. I listen to them while driving and this way I gain more knowledge.

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