Today (in 21st century) technology is for our society something completely natural. Using smartphones or computers is just like breathing for us: we need no afterthought, we just use it. And think about the generations of 2000 or later. They do not know world without technology and internet. They were born in network-world. For them new technology is more like breathing.

This and next generations go to school, now and in the future. And for them our traditional teaching methods are just boring and insufficient. We – I mean us, teachers – need at this moment of civilization development completely new methods, which will satisfy and interest the modern school children. We need to use computers, smartphones, mobile applications, multimedia, video and another modern possibilities. We need to keep up with the times.

The modern teachers necessitate new knowledge. And this is a reason to start this blog. Me and my team want to share our know-how and work experience what we have form few different schools. We work with school children and we know their expectations. And we would like to help you in your teaching everydayness.

We are intent to be as good teachers as it is possible and also we believe the best way for achieving this is progressing myself all time.