Films you can show your students

Today’s students need something more than handbook and homework. They have access to knowledge in their pockets, they need rather discussions than “pure” information. To make education more attractive, I use sometimes films. We watch them together in school and then we talk about issues we find in that movie. What kind of film I choose? Below you can find a list of examples.

Inside Out

Pixar’s animation is interesting not only for the youngest students. That film is a very good pretext to talk about emotions. We discuss about sadness, anger and other and try to understand all emotions are necessary and it’s OK to feel sad or angry. It’s very important message for the youth: they need to know their emotions are OK and they need to know how to handle with difficult ones (like sadness). Inside Out is also good pretext to talk about depression and other psychical sickness – tell your students where they can find some help.

The Intouchables

This French movie tells us story about ways we can look at some people. Two main heroes are completely different. One thing, what connects, them is they look at each other without stereotypes. They see in each other just a human. Driss hasn’t pity on Philippe despite his disability and Phillippe don’t look at Driss as black boy with criminal past.  And that is the most important lesson: we need to look at another people just as human.

Dead Poets Society

John Keating tries to teach his students to think independently, to make their own choices and to love poetry and art. It’s very difficult task in conservative, traditional male, elite prep school in 50s. His efforts aren’t succeeded. Parents and other teachers are too much conservative to let boys live their own lives. After watching that movie I talk with my students about freedom, dreams and also about their relationship with the parents.

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